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Below are links to the latest versions of the pktriot client program for all the platforms that we currently support. We also have the releases for spokes, our self-managed edge-server software.

Installation instructions for each platform can be found here.

Using Docker? Pull our container image packetriot/pktriot:latest. We currently only support x86-64 images. Scroll down more for notes on using the container

See our quickstart guide for a brief description and example of how to use pktriot to expose services from your local computing equipment to the rest of the Internet.

Client Releases

Filename Version Kind OS/Arch Size Hash (sha256)
pktriot-0.9.5.arm32.tar.gz v0.9.5 Archive linux
4 MB ce6e7021ce7d5b78dfef3e93f2a70690fe60b601ebff97e11117ff17daba1a1b
pktriot-0.9.5-1.arm32.rpm v0.9.5 RPM linux
4 MB 795e324482c081eef8e482c7600d7c784b34555ee8c7e580cb2f02679dcb2c9c
pktriot-0.9.5-1.arm64.rpm v0.9.5 RPM linux
4 MB c0614737b39e05f6d064dbda9360c6c2a7107c190d28a3de05fd3ca72a364d8b
pktriot-0.9.5.arm64.tar.gz v0.9.5 Archive linux
4 MB 307f6c67b23c165a145d93a60e9623eb7bcced05ca9fa37cbda84f302d0ab1c7
pktriot-0.9.5.i386.tar.gz v0.9.5 Archive linux
5 MB 2d205d7a7fe1102a190d42633a16d2c380ea1d83ba99d42d3e48ae4f8c63c014
pktriot-0.9.5-1.i386.rpm v0.9.5 RPM linux
2 MB 1cdcadd044289d37903ef6b286af717afc21e18dd0a4334ab3d9c8652bc5ca87
pktriot-0.9.5-1.x86_64.rpm v0.9.5 RPM linux
2 MB 5b38efca398c9a0b58ce9060d9bc7acfcefe479a9cfb1995a30891f993feab41
pktriot-0.9.5.amd64.tar.gz v0.9.5 Archive linux
3 MB 3820d78be931b65b07135addcdf2d9b91675bea9489755d1a2ba0490e939f52b
pktriot-0.9.5.macos.tar.gz v0.9.5 Archive macos
5 MB 8d2d7b0e4901658b728e2fff70ddd3261892563aa6effac695c4d1b37db31cee v0.9.5 Archive windows
5 MB d4394a6cab8bbf96aaef9bfbb854008d58c253f2d6c8911d278ce56f96cc190e

Docker Usage

Using the container is the same as the normal client but you'll need to prepend commands with docker exec -it container-name. It's important to use the flags -it since some commands require your input.

Here are some examples using the container.

# fetch the image
[user@host ~] docker pull packetriot/pktriot:latest

# create an unconfigured container to run continously
[user@host ~] docker run -id --restart always --name hello-world packetriot/pktriot:latest

These are examples for configuring and creating rules with the container. After any changes to rules, or (re)configuration, you'll need to restart the container.

[user@host ~] docker exec -it hello-world pktriot configure
[user@host ~] docker exec -it hello-world pktriot route http --add --webroot /data/
[user@host ~] docker restart hello-world

For more details on using the pktriot container image please read the Docker section in our documentation.

Spokes Releases

Filename Version Kind OS/Arch Size Hash (sha256)
spokes-0.8.9-1.x86_64.rpm 0.8.9 RPM linux
3 MB 0ce5d8aefa133dc73d5c289587e1325b2bef8b5397683077a04ecb7599b08a19
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