Secure Tunnels for Business

Maintain control of customer data, identity and network traffic.

Spokes is a private instance of the network tunneling server used for It supports a similar set of features available in our subscription service with expanded automation and provisioning functionality.

Spokes manages and serves HTTP/S and TCP tunnels for large teams or fleets of devices and provides more control on networking traffic, security and auditing.

A single Spokes instance is built to scale to 1000's of tunnels and provides simplicity compared to VPN and alternative technologies.

Simplifying networking in these areas


Secure tunnels can inter-connect point-of-sale systems, automation and control equipment, and many other kinds of equipment. Secure tunnels provide a alternative to VPN that is much easier to configure, manage and monitor.

Legacy Systems

Hardware and software systems developed decades ago are still in service but tend to exist on isolated or limited networks. Spokes can securely and privately network these systems into modern cloud environments.

Software Testing

Local software testing is a pain point for many developers. Testing webhooks or replicating a deployment on a local workstation, public Internet availbility is still an obstacle. Spokes is a cost effective substitute for cloud resources.

Video Systems

IP-camera and closed-circuit video systems are typically limited to local networks. Secure tunnels connect these kinds of cameras to cloud, making them available to privately integrate with other applications..

Internet of Things

Control, monitor and update IoT and smart devices. Perform remote software updates on devices and reconfigure traffic rules. Local devices can enforce limits on traffic rules which provide device owners or admins more control.


Internet availability is a common requirement for customer demos, beta-testing new software and many other scenarios. HTTP/S tunnels make integration simple. Client traffic can be secured using automatic Let's Encrypt support and authentication portals.

Choosing a Tunnel Provider

Network protocols are standard but technology and customer service differ. We aim to continually improve the state of art in ease of use, security, features and reliability.

Our customers are invited to participate in our roadmap and have helped drive many of the new features we add to our software and services. If there is a requirement we can't fill we are open to learn more about your needs and work to support it.

Packetriot ngrok Link
HTTP/S Tunnels
TCP Tunnels
Server API
On-premise hosting
Multi-Factor authentication
Automatic Let's Encrypt
Application Monitoring
Remote Configuration & Updates
Event Notifications, Webhooks
Free trial period


Set up and deploy a Spokes instance in physical or virtualized environments managed by your organization. Public cloud infrastructure or container orchestration platforms can host a Spokes instance and integrate with other application services.


A managed Spokes instance includes the following services: provisioning, setup and routine maintenance. We can instantiate and manage virtual infrastructure or manage resources provisioned by your organization.

Enterprise Services

Our relationship with our enterprise customers is interactive. Our goal is to understand how the networking technology we build can serve your business. We provide trials at no-cost, white-glove onboarding, support packages and participation in our software development roadmap.

Described below is a summary of our approach to help customers make the decision if our technology is the right fit.


We will work with you to understand the needs and requirements.

Once we have a better understanding we can provide example architectures and strategies for effectively integrating Spokes and endpoints, and connecting the distributed components of your system.


A 30-day trial license is provided at no-cost.

Develop a proof-of-concept or demo the viability of the integrating Spokes with your solution.


We provide different levels of support for our enterprise customers:

  • Design and engineering services
  • Custom integration modules and features
  • Availability and partipication during critical milestones in your development process.


We constantly work to improve our tools and services and invite our customers to help us prioritize new features and areas for improvement.

User Data Compliance

Different industries have requirements to meet certain regulations. It can get complicated if your customers exist outside the national framework your business operates in.

SaaS providers reduce software delivery and maintenance costs, however, this model can introduce risk when your business is mandated to meet regulatory requirements but a SaaS provider doesn't meet them.

Our on-premise solution enables a business to leverage existing processes and infrastructure that already implement regulatory requirements, reducing compliance risk.

Below are examples of regulations that impact most businesses.


Spokes is licensed annually and includes a maximum number of tunnels, e.g. endpoints, clients, devices, users, that can be hosted at any given time. Any number of HTTP/TCP services can be hosted with a single tunnel.

Licenses are given a number of units that it can be broken up into. For example, a 250 max tunnel license can be broken up into 2 units, e.g. 100 tunnels for one Spokes instances and the remaining 150 for a second instance. In this scenario two independent Spokes instances (servers) could be hosted.

Please contact sales for any questions regarding pricing.

Annual Cost (USD) $900 $1800 $3250 Contact us for pricing
Max tunnels per license 100 250 500 1000+
Number of units a license can be split across 1 1 - 2 1 - 5 --

How can we help?

We invite you contact us for sales, support and general questions. You can also share your contact information with us and we will follow up as soon as we can.

Thanks for your interest.