HTTP Inspector

Published at August 18, 2020 ·  8 min read

Using the HTTP Inspector built into the Packertriot client will make writing and debugging applications that integrate with webhooks much easier. You’re not limited to webhooks either, you can debug any HTTP-based application. There’s lot of examples we could provide to illustrate how useful an HTTP inspector is during web development. In this post we’ll walk through creating a webhook for a GitHub repository so that we can receive notifications when changes are made to the repo....

Client Update v0.9.19

Published at August 18, 2020 ·  3 min read

This release includes a big update! For a while I’ve gone back and forth about adding an HTTP inspector. I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to write a decent simple inspector and how muc time and effort would be required. So I delayed this feature and thought it might not be necessary. However, I’ve found it difficult to lure developers to Packetriot and I’ve had several customers and users ask for it since our launch....

Client Update v0.9.17

Published at July 21, 2020 ·  2 min read

This update includes a bug fix for secure redirection, HTTP->HTTPS, that affected traffic on wildcard domains when subsequent HTTP requests utilized POST/PUT/DELETE requests. Technical Details For some more background on this defect, the HTTP requests that pass through Hubs, our edge server software, is updated to included X-Forward-X headers. These header fields are processed by a “forwarder” and “secure-redirect” HTTP handler in the Packetriot client. The forwarder will attempt to set the X-Forwarded-For flag when possible if they were not present (e....

Updates and Packetriot v1.0

Published at July 1, 2020 ·  5 min read

We’re really excited to announce that we’ve finally reach version 1.0 for Packetriot! About one-and-half years ago in February of 2019 we released Packetriot to the public. It provided standard application tunneling for HTTP/S and TCP applications. Since then we’ve been iterating our client, website and server software. We added support for automatic certificate management and integration with Let’s Encrypt. We’re still one of the only application tunneling services that provide this integration....

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