Spokes Update v1.4.2

Published at April 23, 2023 ·  3 min read

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We’re pleased to announce Spokes v1.4.2. This is a small release that fixes some bugs introduced in v1.4.1 and provide some new maintenance functionality requested by users.

Connection Metrics Cleanup

The connection metrics database can grow to a significant size over time and begin to consume too much disk space on the host system. We’ve added a new clean up command spokes clean conn-metrics that will remove all recorded metrics that are older than 60 days.

[user@host ] spokes clean conn-metrics -h
Removes connection metrics that are stale

  spokes clean conn-metrics [flags]

      --days int   number of days until metrics are stale (default 60)
  -h, --help       help for conn-metrics

Global Flags:
      --config string   path to configuration file

This command can be parameterized using the --days flag. Running this command nightly is included in the default crontab so that the size of this database is maintained.

In the future we will look for creating a connection metrics export function so that the data can be saved off host when maintaining a longer history for connection information is desired.

Basic Tunnel Configuration Download

Another user requested feature is the ability to download the configuration of a tunnel so that it can be tested for issues. You can navigate to the details section for a specific tunnel and click the new Config button to download the configuration.

Download Tunnel Configuration

Download Tunnel Configuration

The configuration is limited to only the basic information such as a Spokes server hostname, authentication key, and tunnel hostname when assigned.

In the near future we will add the TCP port allocations and may add an option to cache tunnel configurations so that more comprehensive information about how a client is configured can be reviewed by admins for debugging.

This feature could be useful for migrating a tunnel as well.

Bug Fixes

We noticed some tunnel reusing stale cookies when reconnecting to the Spokes server. We think this might be causing an issue with some tunnels since the previous session ID may still be saved and not yet purge from cached.

The underlying Spokes client code will now reset its cookie jar so that we ensure older cookies are never reused when authenticating and creating new session.

We discovered an issue in the TLS routing code we introduced in v1.4.0 where a panic would manifest if we could not find a tunnel to process a request and relay incoming traffic to.

A small issue we noticed is that when a tunnel session is terminated via the admin dashboad, that event was not published via webhooks. This is now fixed in this release and webhook endpoints will not receive the tunnel shutdown event when the admin users this feature in the dashboard.


We appreciate the suggestions you’ve sent us! Let us know if we can focus on any new features or improvements we can add to Spokes.


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