Spokes Update v1.4.3

Published at May 31, 2023 ·  3 min read

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We’re pleased to announce Spokes v1.4.3. This small release introduces new features requested by our customers and other minor improvements.

New Webhook Events - State of Upstream Services

In this release, we’ve added two new events that can be published to webhook endpoints: Service Up and Service Down.

This feature, combined with the existing Monitor Tunnel Services function in Spokes, will check the availability of the upstream applications served via the tunnel. The monitor results were used to update the availability flags that were displayed in the dashboard.

Server Configuration - Monitoring Upstream Services

Server Configuration - Monitoring Upstream Services

With this change, the initial state of the service, when the tunnel comes online, will be published. That includes if the upstream application is available or not. State changes will be published when first detected and not in subsequent checks.

Existing webhooks can be updated by visiting the dashboard and enabling them.

Upstream Service Webhook Events

Upstream Service Webhook Events

Port Management for Offline Tunnels

One of our customer requests was to begin adding support for creating and configuring tunnels without the tunnel being online. This release adds the ability to allocate or release ports to a tunnel when the tunnel is offline.

Port Management for Offline Tunnels

Port Management for Offline Tunnels

The admin API has been updated to implement this behavior. Earlier, if a tunnel were offline, the API would return a failure.

The new tunnel configuration download feature leverages this feature we added to the dashboard described below.

Download Tunnel Configuration

This feature was developed to support the new port management functions to help edit tunnel traffic configurations offline.

The dashboard UI now includes a new button to download the tunnel configuration. If the tunnel is online, it will request the configuration from the client and download it. A partial configuration will be created using the port allocations when the tunnel is offline. Currently, web traffic rules are not included as they can be changed dynamically by clients and are not as static as port allocations.

See the figure above and the Config button to download the configuration from the UI.

The tunnel configuration can be downloaded via our API and uses the same online vs. offline logic described above.

Here’s a reference to the tunnel configuration API endpoint.

Coming Up Next

The set of offline tunnel configuration features we developed for this release is our first shot at this. We’ll develop a more comprehensive model for creating and editing a tunnel offline and maintaining it through operations in upcoming releases.

These new features will aid users that are provisioning devices or applications in a more controlled manner and introduce configurations that can be immutable on the client side, and allow us to support more use cases or deployment styles.


We appreciate the suggestions you’ve sent us! Let us know if we can focus on any new features or improvements we can add to Spokes.


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