Spokes v1.0.1

Published at October 27, 2020 ·  2 min read

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Spokes is our self-hosted option server that enables users to host their own Packetriot service. Version 1.0 introduced new features such as a web-based adminstrative dashboard and remote tunnel management.


Our new dashboard provides an easy way to view statistics and metrics on tunnels and inspect access and connection metrics related to the services hosted behind a tunnel. Tunnels can also be shut down remotely when they’re no longer needed or were accidently left running.

Administrative Dashboard

Administrative Dashboard

Remote Management

In addition, we’ve enable remote tunnel management. This features leverages an introduced, but not yet document, client HTTP API that is available with the Packetriot client. This new level of tunnel management will enable admins to view the currently configured set of rules and see specific details such as the upstream server hostname or IP, destination ports, TLS options, etc…

Remote Tunnel Management

Remote Tunnel Management

This brings a whole new dimension to managing tunnels. You can now ship tunnels, configure and re-configure when necessary.

Token management is also available in the dashboard. You can create and deactivate registrations tokens as necessary.

Version 1.0.1 introduces some initial bugs that introduced with the milestone release and some feature requests made by customers.

Many thanks to our enterprise customers who shared their needs with us and helped us build some amazing features!

RPM Package Repo

Installing Spokes and keeping up-to-update with the latest releases is much easier now. We’ve setup a yum and dnf package repository. Below are some quick steps to add it to your existing Spokes servers.


sudo rpm -v --import https://download.packetriot.com/linux/RPM/RPM-GPG-KEY-packetriot 
sudo yum install yum-utils -y 

sudo yum-config-manager --add-repo https://download.packetriot.com/linux/RPM/packetriot.repo 

sudo yum install spokes

# for updates
sudo yum update


sudo rpm -v --import https://download.packetriot.com/linux/RPM/RPM-GPG-KEY-packetriot 
sudo dnf install dnf-utils -y 

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo https://download.packetriot.com/linux/RPM/packetriot.repo 

sudo dnf install spokes

# for updates
sudo dnf update

For more information please visit our downloads page.


Hope you enjoy this new release of Sppkes and encourage all of our enterprise users to upgrade. Our documentation has been updated to include all of the new functions.

Have any feature suggestions? Any issues? Please reach out on Twitter or email.


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