Spokes v1.2.2

Published at June 13, 2021 ·  2 min read

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Revision v1.2.2 is a bug fix release. You can find updates on Packetriot.com, via our Linux package repos and Docker Hub.

Chrome Browsers

The server configuration page in the Spokes Dashboard had issues with form submissions for Chrome-based browsers. When users attempted to make changes in the Tunnel or Proxies configuration options, the browser would fail to submit them.

The root cause is this different behavior when you have multiple forms on a page and use <button> as the mechanism to submit the form. Firefox (browser of choice) will process the form submission for you. However, in Chrome, you need to use an <input> element that uses type submit or submit the form using javascript.

Our fix uses javascript to submit the form.

Remote Tunnel Management

A critical bug was found in the logic that incorrectly locked up traffic flows when modifications to a tunnels traffic rules were made remotely using the Spokes Dashboard.

The issue would surface because the traffic flow would be modified but the underlying list of flows and their IDs would be incorrectly updated. Because of this, traffic flows that were active and unmodified would not be correctly released when the tunnel disconnected from the tunneling server.

This would cause the ports to be ‘locked’ up and prevent the same tunnel when reconnecting to successfully request traffic for those flows.


Thanks again to our users who reported these bugs and for your patience!

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