Client Update v0.10.0

Published at October 14, 2020 ·  2 min read

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The v0.10.0 release of our client includes support for Windows services. You’ll be able to install a Windows service that keeps the Packetriot client running 24/7 and between system restarts.

This is a feature we’ve been wanting to add for some time. I’d like to thank for the users who reached out to use and expressed this would be an important and great feature to support their workflows.

We have updated our docs with instructions on how to use the new Windows service integration. Please reach out if you run into any obstacles or have questions.

Client HTTP API (beta)

This release include initial support for a client HTTP API. This API will enable users to dynamically configure and control the traffic rules setup on the client.

It will make integration with IDE plugins possible and enable a web-based configuration screen at some point in the future too.

Currently this API is not being expose locally since it’s not complete. The API is used in the upcoming Spokes release that is introducing a web-based dashboard and remote tunnel configuration and management (more on this when we release the next version of Spokes).

The API needs to grow some more and documentation needs to be written up as well. Our next client update will include the completed API and documentation.

Other Updates

As mentioned earlier, Spokes is being enhanced quite a bit through requests from our enterprise users and is truly becoming more of a self-hosted instanced of We’re planning a release for next version soon so stay tuned.

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Please report any issues to our support email.