Client Update v0.15.1

Published at April 23, 2023 ·  2 min read

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We’re pleased to announce v0.15.1 of the Packetriot client! This release fixes some bugs and UIX issues in our client program pktriot.

You can find the updates on our downloads page and apt and yum repositories.

Tunnel Termination Language

The languaged used for terminating, or permanently deleting, a tunnel has caused confusion over the years. It is some times misunderstood for just closing down a tunnel so it’s no longer running.

We have always included a warning message and ask to confirm the request to prevent accidental tunnel deletions but this hasn’t been completely effective. We now use the terms terminate for shutting down a tunnel and added more to the warnings.

The shutdown command in our client is still available but hidden and we will be dropping this sub-command in the future,

Custom Log Path

Thanks to one of our users that let us know we broke custom log paths in one of our releases. This has been fixed.

You can use the flag --log-path with the pktriot start command to specify a custom log path. This is useful to our Spokes customers who want to place all the logs generated by the Packetriot client in a specific location.


We’ve updated all of our dependencies to the latest stable versions. The most example is the certmagic library that we use for managing certificates issued by LetsEncrypt.

The API has changed quite a bit and we have some “escapes” from its logger showing up in our console, we are still trying to redirect all log output from certmagic back into the acme.log.


We appreciate all the inputs and bug reports you’ve sent us! Let us know if we can focus on any new features or improvements to the Packetriot client.