Client Update v0.15.2

Published at June 11, 2023 ·  2 min read

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We’re pleased to announce v0.15.2 of the Packetriot client! This release fixes some minor bugs and supports using a SOCKSv5 server for connecting to a Packetriot or Spokes server.

The updates are on our downloads page and apt and yum repositories.

SOCKSv5 Support

This new support for SOCKSv5 was a user request to allow the pktriot client program to use a SOCKSv5 server to connect to a network server. The network server can be hosted by or an instance of the Spokes network server.

You can connect to a SOCKS server using the new global flags. The help docs from pktriot --help is provided to show the command line flags and their description.

pktriot is the client application for

  pktriot [flags]
  pktriot [command]

Available Commands:

      --config string        path to configuration file
  -h, --help                 help for pktriot
      --socks5 string        address <host:port> for SOCKSv5 proxy
      --socks5-auth string   credentials <user:pass> for SOCKSv5 proxy
      --tls-insecure         disable TLS certificate verification

Use "pktriot [command] --help" for more information about a command.

The --socks5 flag is used to identify the SOCKSv5 server hostname or IP address and the listening port for the server. Here is an example below:

[user@host ] pktriot --socks5 start

A SOCKS server can use credentials to verify users, so to enable a username and password, use the --socks5-auth flag and pass in these two values with a colon : separating them. There is an example:

[user@host ] pktriot --socks5 --credentials jane:c6e87dab start

Something important to note is that SOCKSv5 authentication credentials are sent in plaintext, so be warned. A SOCKS server is typically deployed in a corporate IT environment to allow specific applications to pass traffic through a firewall. In this case, the network is trusted, a use-case for most feature users.


We appreciate all the inputs and bug reports you’ve sent us! Let us know if we can focus on any new features or improvements to the Packetriot client.