Client Update v0.15.3

Published at March 27, 2024 ·  2 min read

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We’re pleased to announce v0.15.3 of the Packetriot client! This release fixes some minor bugs and adds support for connectivity and network monitoring on the client-side, and automatically recreating a tunnel session when changes or failures are detected.

The Packetriot client now natively supports macOS ARM 64-bit builds for M1-M3 processors.

The updates are on our downloads page and apt and yum repositories.

Networking Monitoring

This new version of the Packetriot client now supports network change and uptime monitoring. Both features are helpful if you run the client in an environment where network changes can occur, such as mobile networks. The network monitor is enabled using the –net-monitor flag with the pktriot start command. It will check if the local network address or gateway IP address changed and will automatically rebuild a tunnel session.

Uptime Monitoring

The uptime monitor will perform an end-to-end connectivity test to ensure the “plumbing” works. This check only uses a single positive result and starts with TCP services first. On successive failures, it will restart the tunnel. This monitor can be enabled using the –uptime-monitor with the pktriot start command.

Both of these new features can be customized with maximum failures and check intervals.


We appreciate all the inputs and bug reports you’ve sent us! Let us know if we can focus on any new features or improvements to the Packetriot client.