Client Update v0.11.2

Published at October 1, 2021 ·  2 min read

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The v0.11.2 release fixes a bug in the client API endpoint that prevent Spokes users/administrators from remotely setting up custom certificates using the dashboard UI. We’ve improved our logging in this release as well.

TLS Custom Certs

We found a small bug in the client API endpoint that processed changes to HTTP traffic rules related to custom certificates. A small logic error prevented those certs from being saved to disk and then being enabled in the client.

ACME Logging

The built-in support for Let’s Encrypt is used by so many users and we wanted to provide a logging mechanism to help debug errors related to setting up certificates.

Errors can range from incorrect setup of DNS records to hitting the rate-limits set by Let’s Encrypt. The specific error case was not reported to user making it difficult to understand what might be wrong.

A new log file called acme.log is now written to that will include the events, errors and also successes when requesting new certificates with Let’s Encrypt. This file is located in the same directory as the configuration file for the client.


Althought these bugs were not reported by users we welcome feedback and are glad to help!

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