Client Update v0.10.9

Published at May 10, 2021 ·  2 min read

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In this new version of the client, v0.10.9, we’ve made several updates to allow the client to integrate better with Spokes servers.

Service Health Checks

Added a new API endpoint to the internal client API to allow the Spokes server to check the availability of the upstream services hosted behind tunnels.

The checks are implemented using a HEAD request for HTTP-based services and a simple open TCP connection for others. The backend availability to returned to the Spokes server.

Spokes servers can be configured to perform these checks, they are not performed by default.

Improved Integrations

You can use the http and tcp commands with tunnels hosted on Spokes servers. Spokes (v1.2.0) supports automatic hostname assignment (when enabled). This allows tunnels to function similar to those on the managed Packetriot service.

The instant hosting commands will utilized Let’s Encrypt for TLS.

Tunnels hosted on a Spokes server can now have their names edited via the CLI.


We’ve fixed a few bugs and improved how we propogate error messages from the server to the user. We hope this improves the UX and makes it clear how to fix or resolve issues.

Thanks again for the input and kind words, if you run into any issues please report them to us or send us a DM on Twitter.