Client Update v0.9.16

Published at June 16, 2020 ·  2 min read

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This update includes some bug fixes and some new features. We fixed a dead-lock in our client that preventing tunnels from re-connecting when disconnected so this update is highly recommended.

Fixed Dead-Lock

We discovered a dead-lock issue that was introduced in an earlier release that impacted clients that used Let’s Encrypt for custom domains. The client periodically checks for opportunities to renew certificates with Let’s Encrypt and then does.

This dead-lock would basically lock up any requests to custom domain using Let’s Encrypt after 12 hours. This would also revent our client from re-connecting to the server if there it was disconnected from it.

Toggle HTTPS Redirect

We added the --redirect flag to the http command so that users can turn on and off the HTTP-to-HTTPS redirection for requests. By default the client will also redirect to HTTPS since encrypting traffic is always recommended.

We received a request to make this an option since removing this behavior could help with debugging other issues with their stack and we saw the value in making this simple addition.

Here is an example on how turning off redirection:

[user@host] pktriot http 8080 --redirect=false

Shutdown Command

We received a request to add a shutdown command the to Packetriot client so that they could shut a tunnel down from the command line without having to visit the dashboard on our website.

This command is limited to users subscribing to a Basic plan or higher. Unfortunately automation makes it difficult to prevent abuse and a paywall in thwarting abusive users.

The shutdown command will not delete the tunnel from the dashboard by default but we included a flag --rm that will peform that operation as well.

Here are some examples of this new command:

[user@host] pktriot shutdown --rm
Shutdown tunnel? [y/n]: y

Tunnel has been shutdown

This will delete and remove the tunnel from the dashboard:

[user@host] pktriot shutdown --rm
Shutdown tunnel? [y/n]: y

Tunnel has been shutdown

We appreciate all the feedback from users that continually help us in building better software and services. If you have any questions on these new features please don’t hesitate to contact or tweet us.