Spokes v1.2.2

Published at June 13, 2021 ·  2 min read

Revision v1.2.2 is a bug fix release. You can find updates on Packetriot.com, via our Linux package repos and Docker Hub. Chrome Browsers The server configuration page in the Spokes Dashboard had issues with form submissions for Chrome-based browsers. When users attempted to make changes in the Tunnel or Proxies configuration options, the browser would fail to submit them. The root cause is this different behavior when you have multiple forms on a page and use <button> as the mechanism to submit the form....

Spokes v1.2.1

Published at June 3, 2021 ·  6 min read

Release v1.2.1 introduces a built-in SOCKSv5 server. SOCKS is a simple protocol for relaying a TCP or UDP request to a destination server. It’s typically used to navigate traffic through a firewall. To summarize the protocol: a SOCKS server will receive a connection from a client and a request to connect to a host. The request includes the protocol (TCP or UDP), a destination, either a hostname or IP address, and the port for that host....

Spokes v1.2.0

Published at May 10, 2021 ·  5 min read

Release v1.2.0 introduce Webhook events and updates to the dashboard to allow more administration and configuration through the web-bases UI. You can now completely configure Spokes and manage users, tokens, tunnels and more in the Spokes dashboard! In addition, we’ve added service checks for the upstream application that are hosted behind tunnels. HTTP/S and TCP applications can be checked by Spokes to determine if the upstream service is running and accessible....

Spokes v1.1.2

Published at April 11, 2021 ·  3 min read

Release v1.1.2 builds on-top of the unannounced v1.1.1 release with making container-based installation and deployments simple to set up and configure. Previously we only supported RPM packages for Linux, however, containers allow us to support more Linux distributions and container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes. We are also supporting a Homebrew package for macOS. Installs and upgrades using the brew package manager are now possible. An example command is below: [user@macos ] brew install packetriot/homebrew-tools/spokes More details on our container deployment update and other new features below....

Spokes v1.1.0

Published at February 18, 2021 ·  4 min read

Release v1.1.0 of Spokes is a big update and includes many new features. This release also lays the ground work for many future improvements that are on our roadmap and will shape Spokes into a robust tunneling and web server with more automation support and simpler integration with external systems. Dashboard Updates We’ve added more metrics to our dashboard to provide more useful information to admins. Active tunnels, those that were created but not necessarily online, are broken out....

Spokes v1.0.1

Published at October 27, 2020 ·  2 min read

Spokes is our self-hosted option server that enables users to host their own Packetriot service. Version 1.0 introduced new features such as a web-based adminstrative dashboard and remote tunnel management. Dashboard Our new dashboard provides an easy way to view statistics and metrics on tunnels and inspect access and connection metrics related to the services hosted behind a tunnel. Tunnels can also be shut down remotely when they’re no longer needed or were accidently left running....

Spokes v0.9.11 Updates

Published at March 23, 2020 ·  5 min read

We don’t talk often about Spokes, our self-hosted server, but we’ve been busy making updates to it the past few weeks and we have some updates and new features we think are going to really helpful with managing your Spokes sever. Every wanted to self-host ngrok or an alternative? Spokes can do all that and you can re-use the Packetriot client that provides more modern features than these other services....

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